Business Before Craft by Sara Mornell

A straight talking guide on how to thrive in the business of Hollywood

Time and time again, Sara Mornell met talented actors struggling to find representation and understand the industry. Hollywood is a business and if you don’t know the rules, you’re never going to win. No matter how talented you are. Sara’s honest and practical guide is for actors who are trying to understand why they can’t secure an agent, nail an audition, or book a job… even though they have talent and years of classes and training behind them.

Business Before Craft offers a candid and transparent look at the business of being a working actor. With real life insight and tips on how agents, manages, producers think, you’ll not only learn the business of the game but how to win. Take control of your destiny and pivot your mindset to become the CEO of your own company and transform your career. I t’s time to change the way actors are trained and find success with Sara Mornell.

Jesse Williams

“The simple truth is that my performance, understanding, ability to progress, and yes, my employment, have all dramatically improved with the guidance and support of Sara Mornell. I consistently look to her for coaching, and wisdom, and am always, ALWAYS, better for it.”

– Grey’s Anatomy, Little Fires Everywhere

Mekia Cox

“If you want one of those coaches/teachers who tears you down to try to lift you up, Sara is not that. Sara is someone who will continuously lift your spirits reminding you of all the positive attributes that make you uniquely you, all the while tearing down all of the negative habits that are holding you back. She sincerely cares about each and every actor/actress she works with. Working with her has been so helpful to my career. I cannot thank her enough for the positive impact she’s had on my life.”
– The Rookie, Chicago Med

Noah Centineo

“When I was younger I worked on Disney Channel and Nickelodeon, I had a natural ability to perform and to act but I would never have been able to work on Network Television if it wasn’t for Sara. I owe so much to her not only as a teacher, coach and mentor but also as a friend. She is the derivative, she is the reason my career is where it is and why I’m so confident in where my career will go.”

-To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, Black Adam, The Fosters

LaMonica Garrett

“She helped me bring more of who I am, which only I can do and gave me a voice I didn’t realize I had.”

Brett Greene

“When I first started with Sara I didn’t have any TV credits and now I am a series regular on a CBS show.”

Salli Richardson Whitfield

“She helped me believe more in myself and I have been doing this for 30 years. She is one of the best Coaches I have ever had.”