Welcome to the home of the Mornell Method, a virtual and in person studio, teaching and empowering actors to find their authentic selves, stop acting, and achieve success.

Atlanta, New York, LA, or London, As a hybrid studio, no matter where you are you’ll find a space to train at Mornell Studios.

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For talent looking to transform for immediate results. Attending the Weekend Intensive is the recommended  path for entering into the Studio.

On-Going Classes at the Studio

With over 200 classes created by Sara Mornell focused on working in film, television,and the art of auditioning. Learn to master the audition and  prepare for life beyond the booking. Discover how to show up fearlessly as your true, authentic self.

Jesse Williams

“The simple truth is that my performance, understanding, ability to progress, and yes, my employment, have all dramatically improved with the guidance and support of Sara Mornell. I consistently look to her for coaching, and wisdom, and am always, ALWAYS, better for it.”

– Only Murders in the Building, Grey’s Anatomy

Noah Centineo

“When I was younger I worked on Disney Channel and Nickelodeon, I had a natural ability to perform and to act but I would never have been able to work on Network Television if it wasn’t for Sara. I owe so much to her not only as a teacher, coach and mentor but also as a friend. She is the derivative, she is the reason my career is where it is and why I’m so confident in where my career will go.”

– Recruit, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, Black Adam

Mekia Cox

“If you want one of those coaches/teachers who tears you down to try to lift you up, Sara is not that. Sara is someone who will continuously lift your spirits reminding you of all the positive attributes that make you uniquely you, all the while tearing down all of the negative habits that are holding you back. She sincerely cares about each and every actor/actress she works with. Working with her has been so helpful to my career. I cannot thank her enough for the positive impact she’s had on my life.”
– The Rookie, Chicago Med

Mohammad Jamal Deen

“During the process of preparing for my TED talk, Sara helped me find ways to truly reach an audience in the auditorium as well as the thousands of viewers watching worldwide. I’m in awe of Sara’s ability to work with diverse talents who seek her help.”

-Activist, TedX Speaker

Atkins Estimond

” I had heard from some trusted sources that Sara was doing something very different and special at her studio. I took the audition intensive and I could tell right then that she could get me to where I wanted to be. I got into her class as soon as possible and in the short time that I’ve been working with her I’ve had so many breakthroughs and experienced so much growth. Taking class with Sara has also been the first time that I’ve found myself inspired and motivated by the progress of my classmates. Sara doesn’t teach you how to act for the camera, she teaches you how to live on camera.” -Hightown, Lodge 49.” 

-Hightown, Lodge 49


Looking  for one on one  coaching with Sara or any of our staff? 

A few Actors who have Coached & Trained with Sara:

Jesse Williams, Noah Centineo, Tessa Thompson, Staz Nair, Steven Bauer, Mekia Cox, Jaime Ray Newman, Sofia Boutella, Michael Huisman, Lindsay Price, Reggie Lee, Travis Van Winkle, Adam Rodriguez, Christina Ochoa, Tamara Taylor, David Eigenberg, James Marsden, Lio Tipton, Hayes & Scott MacCarther, Dondre & Salli Whitfield, Eddie Lui, LaMonica Garrett
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