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Q: Do you have classes for beginning actors?

A: We offer business classes for actors who are looking to level up their acting materials before submitting them to agents and managers for representation. We offer a transition class for stunt actors. Our weekly ongoing classes are not open to beginning actors, and Intensives are only open to working represented actors.

Q: What ongoing classes are offered at Mornell Studios?

A: After taking the Intensive, actors are eligible for ongoing classes at the Studio. We offer classes Monday-Thursday 6-9 pm EST via Zoom. Please head over to our class page for full course descriptions.

Q: How many actors are in your classes?

A: Classes are open to only 14 actors for individualized attention.

Q: Who teaches each class?

A: Teachers vary based upon availability as our staff is comprised of working actors. You can find all coach and teacher bios here.


Q: How do I book coaching with Sara?

A: To book with Sara Mornell for acting or performance coaching please email us. Sara is only coaching on a recurring, guest star, series regular, and lead of feature roles.

Q: Do I have to take the Intensive before I can book a session to coach with Sara?

A: No, actors are not required to take the Intensive before coaching with Sara. Please  email us to book a session.

Q: How do I book coaching with other coaches at Mornell Studios?

A: All coaches handle their own calendars. Coach bios and contact information can be found here.

Q: Do you offer career coaching?

A: Yes, we offer one-on-one career coaching with any of our coaching staff. Sara is not accepting new career coaching clients at this time.

Q: I booked the role and I’d like to do role prep coaching with Sara, what’s next?

A: We can set up regular one-on-one coaching with Sara, please email us to make a request. Rates for role prep coaching can be found here.

Q: I am with a studio, am an executive producer, or an actor looking for on-set coaching for myself or a client. How can I set that up?

A: Please email us to make a request.

Q: I am looking to set up performance coaching, how do I go about that?

A: Please email us to make a request.


Q: How often are Intensives held?

A: We hold at least one Intensive a month.

Q: How can I receive advanced notice of open registration for the next Intensive? Is there a waitlist/email list?

A: There is a waitlist for Intensives. Everyone on the waitlist is emailed advance notice of open registration for new Intensive sessions.

Q: Where am I on the Intensives waitlist? Why can’t I just pay a deposit for a guaranteed spot in the next Intensive?

A: All actors on the waitlist are placed on an email list for advanced notice when registration opens for the next Intensive. Registration is first-come, first-served and Intensives typically fill up within one hour of the notification email being sent out to the current waitlist. If there are open seats 24 hours after that email is sent, we then advertise publicly on our Mornell Studios Instagram.

Q: How can I be added to the waitlist?

A: Please complete intensive registration here to be added to the list.

Q: Is there a payment plan? Can I pay with Venmo or Cashapp?

A: We accept payment via Paypal, and you can select to either pay in full or split your tuition fees into 2 payments. Your second payment is due before the start of class on Day 1 at 12pm EST.

Q: Do I have to take the Intensive before I can book a session to coach with Sara?

A: No, actors are not required to take the Intensive before coaching with Sara. Please head over to our coaching page to book a session.

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