with Sara Mornell

Deeply Personal, Intense, and Life-Changing

Sara helps unlock what you need to be the part, not act the part. She can hold space for your insecurities, and welcome them rather than banish them. And that’s the real antidote. Her practical, warm, and deeply empathetic approach has been a huge source of growth and healing for me.”

Kelleigh Bannen

Musician, Host of The Kelleigh Bannen Show

Who is executive coaching for?

Sara’s approach transcends industry standards. The Mornell Method encourages clients to stop acting and learn how to be their authentic self, whether in the boardroom, on-set, or in life. It can be utilized by anyone looking to find their voice. Find out if you’re a good candidate here.

  • Athletes
  • Lawyers
  • Public Speakers
  • TV & Radio Personalities
  • C Suite Leadership
  • Innovators
  • High Performers

Recent Clients Include:

Barry Zito

“Sara Mornell will introduce you to the parts of yourself that you would rather not know, and help you integrate those parts into the whole of who you are, which will inevitably bolster your performance when the pressure is on.”

CY Young Award Winner, Former Pitcher for the San Francisco Giants, & Musician

Kerry Rhodes

” Sara is my ace in the hole. She helped me uncover and discover the parts of myself that I was so longing to put on display for the world to see..”

-Actor and former NFL Player

Mohammed Jamal Deen

“During the process of preparing for my TED talk, Sara helped me find ways to truly reach an audience in the auditorium as well as the thousands of viewers watching worldwide. I’m in awe of Sara’s ability to work with diverse talents who seek her help.”